Breath and Balance
Is your mind constantly on the go, are you feeling stressed, not sleeping, experiencing panic, challenges with the menopause or wanting to give up unhelpful habits.
Nicky can support you with distance healing, during these restricted times, or at other times 1:1 treatments or workshops in S E London.

- helps you make changes for a better life by focusing on the way you think and behave - not currently being offered

- try my example meditation audio clips

- a gentle system of energy healing which supports you when life is stressful, revitalizes you and accelerates healing.


Solomons' Seal Soap: Individual crystals charged with healing energy.  I have placed the crystals within my own hand made soap which has been carefully crafted to reflect the colours and smells associated with our chakras.   So each time you use the soap you are enjoying a unique experience and when the soap is finished you have a healed crystal to carry around with you or meditate with.  I have created meditations for each type of soap.  I also make crystal soaps for sleep and menopause difficulties. These soaps were  launched in 2020 and they have been a joy to be involved with. 

Please see my separated page to find out more about the soap you have.


Smudge Sticks: help purify yourself and your environment.

CD’s: meditation and relaxation scripts


Crystal Grids: help you manifest your goals and intentions.

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“Sleep Better” - learn ways to improve your sleep - not currently running

“Harvest Moon” - support during the menopause - not currently running

“Reiki Workshops” – learn about energy healing