3 workshops supporting you towards a happier life.

“Harvest Moon” is a Menopause Workshop. We will be drawing on our individual and collective wisdom about the changes in our bodies and emotions as well as sharing information and ideas about how to manage and navigate through the menopause. I will be co-facilitating the workshop with two practitioners from the Sunflower Centre, Soran David and Carolyn Mumby. We are a group of women entering, experiencing and emerging through the menopause. Please do get in touch if you would like to join us in June 2020

“Reiki Workshops” teach you about energy healing and how to look after firstly yourself, secondly your friends & family and you can take it a stage further and work with clients.  The workshops are small, relaxed, hands on, and a real pleasure to share with people who are interested in looking after themselves in a holistic way. 

“Sleep Better” is an informative, interactive and enjoyable workshop to learn ways to improve your sleep. Following the success of the  workshop at the Sunflower Centre in November 2019 I will be offering another workshop in May 2020. Due to Covid this did not take place so I plan to hold a workshop in 2021. Please do get in touch with me if you would like to join me. 

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