Crystals surrounded in home made soap - I am charging crystals and surrounding them in homemade soap.  I am being inspired by the chakras and creating seven chakra soaps. Each chakra has an associated crystal, aroma and colour which supports its work.  I charge the crystals with healing and then make the soap. I also make soaps to help with sleep and the menopause in the same way.  I am calling this enterprise SOLOMONS' SEAL.

Smudge sticks - are tightly bound bundles of herbs that are slowly burned as a way to purify and cleanse the air, clear stagnant energy, invigorate sleep, and help you feel more centred.  I make these from plants grown in my garden.

CD’s – these are a range of meditation and relaxing scripts.  I have taken my inspiration from nature as a way to help you relax, sleep better and become more focused in life.


Crystal Grids – These help you focus on meditation and Reiki Self Healing Sessions.  They can also help you manifest your goals and intentions.  I make these beautiful grids as a way to hold your crystals safely in place. Currently on hold while I concentrate on the soaps. 


My first attempt at making soap


The carnelian, 2nd chakra soap has just been made and it will need to mature for 5 weeks


The crysocolla is emerging from the bar of sleep soap. Such an exciting experience


The crystals having been charges


My table of crystals


The Crystal grid with clear quartz


A box of Solomons Seal Soap


Sage smudge sticks hand made from the sage in our garden

A selection of my own meditations