I have started making the soap, so exciting

On the 31st July 2019 I made my first batch of soap. The week before I had chosen my crystals and now have a wonderful collection of crystals to draw from. They are laid out on a table and look stunning. They get bathed in moon light, especially during a full moon, and last month's moon was beautiful. Each week I am experimenting with colours, and aromas to make a soap that reflects the essence of the chakras. It has been so much fun. I start by charging each crystal. This is a very special time as I connect and wait for the message and enjoy the new experience. I will include this with each bar of soap. My intention is that every time you use the soap you experience some healing. You will also start to see the crystal emerging which is so exciting, and then at the end you have a healing gem to carry around with you, or keep somewhere special or use to meditate on. I will also make some meditations for you which I will put on the website.

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